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Caring for the Environment

We are committed to running our business in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We make every effort to reduce the overall impact of our activities on the environment.

The traditional practice of lacto fermentation is much less demanding on the environment than other food preservation methods, which often consume large amounts of energy for pasteurization or sterilization, and can involve chemical preservatives.

To reduce our consumption of energy still further, the fermenting room in our production facility was built into the ground, enabling a constant temperature range to be maintained with only minimal additional heating.

Organic Ingredients

We use only certified organic vegetables, herbs, and spices in our recipes. This ensures that our ingredients are grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, helping to preserve the health of our soil and water for future generations.


Our lightweight BPA-free vacuum packs have several advantages over the standard glass or plastic jars, including:
• Less packaging material per volume of contents;
• Reduced transportation of both empty and filled packages;
• Less storage space and energy for cooling.

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